User activity and behavior data are monitored through deeper analysis and powerful insights. We offer the following services for data processing.


Interest profiles and demographic information are utilized to understand users and their behaviors, especially when doing activities online. It is in knowing the customers and their preferences that will retain them to their patronage on your products and services.


Titane’s data providers make it possible for us to create custom audiences through their top-of-the-line quality first-party data. This gives all our clients a campaign that has a distinct advantage in the physical and virtual market. Companies that we’ve partnered for data gathering gives us patterns, activities, and trends of consumer interests and movements in both physical and virtual economy. All these will give great leverage for your business in gaining more clients from a customized audience fit for your products and services.


Data is a vital part of marketing. Having that data specific for your business can bring more revenue to the business. Marketing the data and having trusted partners can make the data you own into a vital resource for your business to grow, expand, and continue to meet consumer’s demands and interests.