6 Effective CBD Advertising Methods

When the production of Cannabidiol (CBD) was legalized through the Farm Bill in 2018, it became popular in the marketing industry. The CBD industry experienced a surge in sales of all its products, and it has opened a lot of opportunities for business people.

However, the success of Delta 8 carts and other CBD-infused products was not achieved overnight. It came with challenges and unexpected problems.

With this in mind, here are some of the best advertising methods to launch your CBD business into a success:

Influencer Marketing

CBD Influencer Marketing

Considered one of a trademark in advertising nowadays, picking someone with influence who can direct your target buyers. Suppose you don’t have the means to get some high-profile celebrities to market your CBD business. In that case, lesser-known ones can also effectively market your CBD business. Influencer marketing is about gaining the trust of your target customers, so choose someone reliable in the CBD industry or relevant areas. Personal reviews from social media influencers are key to building your brand’s trustworthiness.

Affiliate Marketing

Although it is a win-win for the brand and the affiliate, there is no harm in getting into affiliate marketing to promote your CBD business. Affiliate marketing uses a performance-based way to reward affiliates for every sale they can get. In this way, it is giving you the advantage of generate-quality traffic. A lot of brands are already using affiliate marketing since it has promoted almost 20% of digital media advertising.

Native Advertising

With this method in advertising, you might want to tap someone in a CBD ad agency to assist you. Native advertising works like an indirect ad that comes up in the social media news feeds of your potential buyers. This method is proven to be efficient since the target customers don’t feel “forced” to view your ad.

However, CBD business has limitations with native marketing. Since there are still places that consider CBD as illegal, CBD business needs to get authorization first. Collaboration with CBD marketing agencies is helpful for you to clarify policies to ensure the effectiveness of native advertising.

CBD-Focused Blogs

The internet offers a variety of ways to advertise your CBD business. Engage with someone who runs a CBD-focused blog and partner with them. Blogs are an efficient setting for you to provide factual information on your CBD products.

This is also a helpful avenue to answer questions and confusion from potential buyers. Connection with your customers through these blogs can also direct them to your website. Interesting topics on CBD, such as its benefits and its usage, can be featured.


Currently, podcasts’ fame is skyrocketing since many people consider them accessible and informative. In the CBD business, podcasts should be high quality and well-researched. You can include in your podcast some of the information that wasn’t really known to the public, such as the advancements of CBD and its legalization.

Final Words

Beating these challenges requires marketing methods that would make your product stand out and promote your brand to the target consumers. Some effective marketing methods that you can integrate into your business include valuable organic content, sound SEO strategies, convincing branding, and a well-built business website.

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